Friday, 8 February 2013

ID'd and Neglection.... C'est mal

So blogdudes blogettes I totally seem to have neglected you. I can only think of one reason and one reason alone why I would neglect you lovely people: Sims 2........

I'm sorry but there is something incredibly fun, and I know a little sad, creating families, (Lily and James Potter are a very cute couple might I say). It's one of those games that if you think about it you sort of go what the f*ck am I doing, this is so boring........ but then the Grim Reaper will knock on the door or something else equally thrilling and you'll be dragged back into the simulated Sim world.

But about me, My day, My books.... not much has happened. I've had my birthday OFFICIALLY 17...... have acquired a car (to be shared with my gran... cool I know ;) ) his name is Bertie.... I do not care for your accusations that cars are conventionally female: Bertie is a dude and he is fricking awesome. :D I am in love with a car that has yet to pull up in my driveway (he's getting a timebelt replaced at the moment.... hope it doesn't hurt.... I would hold his hand but I think his wheels, car equivalent of a hand of course, would be a little heavy for me!)

My books are ticking along, a review for Skinny and Survive have gone up - read it and get them they are good, fun books. I'm currently reading Midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgewick - I normally love his work but I'm finding this really convoluted and a bit weird to be honest! I'm having great fun reading it though trying to puzzle it out if you're interested!

My days are pretty crap. I'm pretty conflicted inside - I can not wait for the life of me for school to finish, for me to be able to leave behind the pettiness, the bitchiness, the school rules etc.....but on the other hand I don't want to leave home! I'm taking a year out so I'll be able to stay home a little bit, before going off to tour the world with my best friend (this is going in this post ON THE INTERNET so I can immortalise my friend's semi-promise and produce it in front of her to make sure she comes! The internet legal contract of gap year travelling) yay yay yay :D

And today I was ID'd for buying a lottery ticket... I was ID'd once while I was 16 and the minute I turned 17 I'm ID'd!!!!! I hope I don't look younger than 17, I personally like to think I don't... So I produced my provisional driving licence and he had to check to find my birth date.... I mean come on! I can't get a provisional driving licence unless I'm bloody 16 - the age of buying a lottery ticket... Why does he need to check?!?!?!??!

Anyways I have to go make a salad for my friend and mine's lasagna .. Sexy mince, dressed with bechamal sauce and dusted with a sprinkle of cheese woven amongst scrummy lasagna pasta sheets... Oh yeah we're good ;)
Love you'se
Small, obviously looking under 16 years old, Scottish lass

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