Monday, 25 March 2013


Bloggggers! Oh wow I have missed you....... I am extremely sorry not to have been on for so long! We have been snowed in..... I know..... it's March..... I live near the sea.... WE DO NOT USUALLY GET SNOW!! But apparently the weather gods have gone a little crazy, too much Thunder and Lighting Tonics obviously and have decided to treat my area to a little snowstorm......... And it was really just my area, we were just blanketed in the snow.....

Electric pylons fell down
Cars in traffic jams became covered in snow,
Roads were blocked.....

It was HORRIFIC.... I have had no power and no signal for 4 days now, If this was a movie I'd have a technological beard growing from lack of touch with technological objects....
I spent my weekend playing Guess Who with my brother, well after he resurfaced from his bedroom after 3 of the days had gone past (it took him that long to figure out he wasn't going to get signal, food, or electricity by staying in his room) No Shit Sherlock... We have mastered the game - even invented our own version (we now have two people that the other person has to guess - it's actually pretty fricking awesome!)

Anyway I survived by listening to Radio 1. Thanks you guys you saved a poor Scottish lass drowning in snow that by the second day only existed on the blocked road and the pylons - it had melted from her lawn!! Ironically annoyingly unfair I know.... A snow weekend without any immediate snow outside her door by the second day! Also quick note either Radio 4 or Radio Scotland you killed me a little inside each time you came on..... I do not care for the second day in a row about NHS failures in hospital I already know, It's dreadful, and I do not care that David Cameron is changing immigration laws particularly instead I would like to know that the rest of Britain knows we are slowly freezing to death in Scotland and you are at least thinking of us........!

I also didn't get to go to London to see UCL (university college of London) which I'm a little miffed about cos I would really have liked to go! Ach well I'll just have to choose my university choices without seeing it! I probably wouldn't be able to afford London anyway!

OK Guys lots of love,
I'm off to jubilantly run around my house shouting because I have POWER! And it feels extremely good...... before I leave I would like to thank the good old fashioned telephone for still functioning without electricity and keeping me relatively intouch with the outside world.... Amen to the telephone.

Byeeeeeeee (I'll be back on soon with lots and lots of scrumilicous book reviews.... uh huh I went there Tabby made a sexy new word! I think..)

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