Monday, 18 March 2013

Finding Cherokee Brown

Finding Cherokee Brown by Siobhan Curham is a heartwarming story following Cherokee Brown, or Claire Weeks, as she struggles to find herself.

Curham deals with the emotional theme of bullying something that has most likely affected everyone, it's certainly affected me at one point. Curham manages to craft a young character who is inspiring and easy to relate to. She has managed to weave a story that deals with this difficult issue in a quirky cool way that makes it accessible to all ages.

I really enjoyed watching Cherokee develop as a character and whenever she stood up to her bullies I was silently cheering her on. It was such a sweet story involving Cherokee's reunion with her dad, a little bit of a love interest, a  handful of bullies, a stressed inefficient teacher and a misunderstanding with her mum and stepdad.

Basically Curham has managed to combine the events of teenager life into one small book, to tie it together to end in a nice finish and give us a really nice sweet story.

Despite being perhaps more aimed towards the age group of 10-14 I as a 17 year old really enjoyed it, It was a easy, interesting cute book that I read non-stop in an afternoon. Curham manages to portray the vivid feelings Cherokee experiences throughout the novel and you really feel there.

Published by Electric Monkey, Egmont, it can be purchased from for £5.24, much suggested to buy, even if it's a present for your little cousin that you happen to break in first ;)! I'm going give Finding Cherokee Brown a 4 out of 5 because although I really enjoyed it and it had some real depth it was a little easy and quick to end. I'd re-read it on a rainy day though!

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