Saturday, 2 March 2013

Scarred for life

Yupp, I'm scarred.



Never to be erased.

I am a porn star (kids under 14,(actually I'm going to change that to 12/13 thinking of kids nowadays) these are people who make money in very inventive ways, some may call it initiative, go to university first as the likelihood is you wouldn't want to use that kind of initiative.) Not that I have anything against porn stars.

Type my name in Google and apparently instead of being a sweet innocent teenage blogger I like old men.
Yupp I'm disturbed and on top of that I'm now petrified that the creepy old man whose been stalking my blog thinks that this is an invitation by my mentioning sex on this blog. ITS NOT!!!

Anyway so if in fact you're looking for Tabitha James the porn star, this isn't her, this Tabitha James is a super cool, book mad, boy mad, sometimes funny, mostly just a pro at embarrassing herself, scottish teenage girl.

So there you go, I'm mentally scarred, on the inside, though I do have plenty on the outside as well, but they were inflicted by solid objects, except the ones that appeared when I was in bed one night (one night I woke up covered in scratches I'm convinced one of our cats must have somehow broken into my room through my closed door scratched me up and then ran away).......

Hope you guys don't end up mentally scarred by searching your names on Google which I guarantee 67% of you will do now.



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