Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Rasputin Theory

Life can proceed, school has finished for the holidays...... party! Well no not really, have a substantial amount of work to get through and revise for! Ach well as long as schools over! School's not great at the moment, I'm not going down well with the populars... ie the bitchy populars who run the school (sadly the pupil mind in secondary is not very open minded at this point, and the populars are popular despite the fact they're really not the sort of people everyone should 'like'). But what can you do, I stand out, they don't like it, end of story. Smile and Wave just Smile and Wave.

So tonight a boy Told Me He Loved Me. Capital letters for the significance of the event. It was at a dance this evening, this would have been absolutely awesome if, the boy in question, had not been 7 and on a chocolate high. Humph... I don't think we'll count that one. On the plus side I did get to dance with some guys more my type and a little closer to my age, and pretty cute. However do remember the Rasputin Theory messes with my fit radar at times.... but they were still quite cute!

Oh my god. I just realised I haven't told you about the Rasputin Theory. (just trawled through my blog to try and check I wasn't repeating myself. This is pretty darn epic. Are you holding on tight? This is going to be a bumpy ride.

Right, The Rasputin Theory. (Capital Letters for Significance, remember)

Basically you need a girl half crazed by being surrounded by unfit boys that are immature and that she has known all her life and still doesn't like like despite the fact they've grown a little - really they're just not fit and a poor sample of the male specimens she knows are out there but just aren't around her in her reach. Preferably a small village/town works well for this, actually stay with village because at least in a town you have more than 200 inhabitants which makes it a little more likely they might produce at least one decent specimen..... if not there are probably more frequent buses in order for said crazed girl to get out of horrible ugly mean small town. unlike in the village where she is stuck for months on end.

Anyway said girl becomes desperate for males who are just slightly good looking or at the most extreme just not the boys from her village/town. This desperation means that guys who in normal circumstances and settlements would be considered not extremely fit or desirable become jackpots and gold in said girls' mind. To sum up less fit boys become extremely fit to crazed girls because she has been surrounded by nincompoop boys for her whole life *please note nincompoop boys may be very nice but they are not droolworthy or dateworthy in most occasions*

Russian Man

This is The Rasputin Theory because Rasputin was a Russian monk who all the Russian lady courtiers loved and swooned over. This could be because
a) the majority of men were either way hairier than Rasputin or had not got as fine beards (who knew whether hair did or did not rock the womens boats back in those days!)
b) he had the world's largest nob, I would include a photo but it is really grotesque, and the girls liked that
c) he wore robes (Dresses) easy access ;)

Anyway what I'm trying to say is Rasputin really isn't that good looking but the ladies loved him so the others must have been worse, they didn't have Rasputins smooth talking and bushy beard......

Hope you like the Rasputin theory! I do!


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