Tuesday, 5 March 2013

What's Up?

So What's Up in the delightful candy filled, bunny filled, fluffy world of Tabby, to be honest not much.....

It's filled off roundabouts, and pelican crossings, cyclist and headlights, a bit of Adolf Hitler, more cars, more trains, more trams, more signs. Yupp that's right, driving and theory tests have taken over my brain, apart from the little section still dedicated to my History course!

My theory test's booked for March the 16th and I kinda need to pass, to be honest I don't have the £31 I'll have to dish out to my parents if I fail! I'm hoping I'll pass, I seem to be doing OK in the practise ones at the moment, speaking of which I better go and practise!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me on the 16th, I won't be able to show my face on this blog for a while if I do fail!

So watching a bit of Supersize vs Superskinny, it really is one of the most vile programs ever, I feel so sorry for the people on it, I mean I'm no skinny but I'm no really fat either. I mean it's great when you see them lose weight and gain weight but it feels really intrusive to be watching them on it :/

Anyways I'm going to quickly type up a review on Immortal City, a sexy book about Angels that I finished in one day (today to be exact, a definite 5, I was drooling!)

Speak to y'all later!!!


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